Survival Games Teams of 4

One of my favorite things to watch right now is an event called Minecraft Championship. They currently have 11 games in the roster but one of my favorites is their Survival Games, because of the way they handle it. MCC is a 10 teams of 4 event so SG is very fun to watch due to the larger teams, and I think this could translate well into Hive Survival Games. 6 or 8 Teams of 4 would probably be the optimal way to handle this, since that’s 24 or 32 players. This wouldn’t be copying MCC either as many other servers have Teams of 4 SG. Having 3 teammates would also make teamwork more important and full on 4v4 team fights would be so fun, so if you guys see this PLEASE consider teams of 4 SG.


you should put this in the suggestion’s topic also welcome to the fourm’s :cubee:

Nice suggestion but most of the players don’t play sg it will take much more time to wait for the players in sg lobby i think duos it’s ok

I like the fourms

change this to #suggestions in the edit option

same i love the forum’s