Survival Games Supply Crates

Currently, Survival Games is a great gamemode, but definitely needs some updates. I might be pushing out a few posts on my suggestions, but this one is my favorite. And that is, to make Supply Crates easier to find. And by easier, I mean much easier. Currently in chat you are told that a Supply Crate is landing, and that’s it. Sometimes, you have no clue where it is, and some player that isn’t that great might find it, and win the game ultimately due to being lucky. Now, I have a few ideas on how to solve this.

  1. Turn on coordinates, and tell the coordinates of the supply crate. Not only would this make supply crates easier to find, but you could make better callouts to teammates if coordinates are on.

  2. Give the location. Perhaps, if you are on SG4, it could say “On the train track” or “In the city.” These would be vague, but would give enough to find it.

  3. Give everyone a tracking compass to the supply crate. This would be a simple way to just find the supply crate.

Now, why do this? Why make it easier? Well, one reason, is as I already mentioned is so that random bad players don’t get super stacked with no risk. Another reason would be for a huge fight. The only time there is a big group of players is usually just at the start of the game, and that’s it. Imagine like 6 people, with full chain, just full rushing this crate. It would be so much fun, it would make the game very entertaining and exciting, and would be challenging. And, if you win the overall fight, you get the insanely good rewards.

This is just an idea, let me know what you think! :smiley:

Great idea, I would definitely like to see something like this. Upvote from me :+1:


Great suggestion! :slight_smile:
Just for your information (i don’t know if you know about this or not) but when a supply create is dropping you will see a lightning bolt on the exact location of the drop, provided you are close enough to see that lightning bolt.
If we give out the location of the drop it would be really easy for anyone to reach there and target that person who gets the drop first or it will just be total chaos :stuck_out_tongue:
I believe there can be better ways to simplify this rather than giving the exact location of the drop to everyone like;-

  • Making the lightning bolt not restricted to a player’s render distance. All players should be able to see the lightning bolt.

I do like this point :grin:


Yes, I do know about the lightning bolt. It makes it easier, however my point still stands that sometimes it is difficult to find/see it. Thanks for the reply :smile:


Total chaos is good, more pvp :sunglasses:

I’m not sure how they would render something outside of a players render distance lol


If you have played sg you would have noticed that even if you are closer to the drop you sometimes can’t see the lightning :stuck_out_tongue:
I can see myself seeing suggestions by mobile players about the whole drop and targeting thing and how it should be nerfed, because if you would have paid attention SG usually doesn’t have a lot of players max to max a 1000 to 2000 during peak hours, off peak hours mobile players will be matched with PC because PBMM automatically turns off when the players count is below 400 in a certain game mode.
Anyways I would love to see how this gets implemented :slight_smile:

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Totally not related to this suggestion but has SG a Platform MatchMaking System ? I heard it was only for TW and SW ?

Also for the suggestion I definitely agree with every point. Games take too long honestly and there is much more time spent on seeking players rather than raw PvP.

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It doesn’t, currently, but might be added in the future, never know. As of now all the players from different platforms will be matched in the same queue/lobby on SG


cough that’s the point


Also you didn’t answer his question lol


Great suggestion, but it’s easy to find the crates. Just vote SG4 and all the supply crate spots are easy to remember. Once you see it in chat go look for the lightning. It could be at 3 spots in the airport, one at the barn, one by the barn in that lake near the border, 3 or 4 at the train, 2 at the place with all the streets, one in the ravine, and one outside of the ravine.


This is actually a pretty cool idea I play tons of sg and it would be cool to maybe even have the compasses you mention able to common in chests around the map and having a big battle for good gear would make game way more interesting but the idea where it says “by the tracks” would be cool since you would have to have some game knowledge making atleast better players come and fight!


Render distance can be changed by going to “option.txt” file, but the server caps the render distance so it won’t be helpful as of now. There are mods like optifine that do it on java so I don’t see an issue why it cannot be done on bedrock or implemented in a server for a specific game.:smile:


We should all get a compass heading towards your teammate!

It is a pain when i cant find my friend when we are playing together! :smiley:

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Increasing the render distance just for this doesn’t seem feasible, perhaps a more efficient approach would be to calculate the angle at which the lightning would be relative to the player and use a player-specific indicator or just compasses (unless lightning can be used). Not to mention that render distance doesn’t seem to affect entity render distance.

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You can now track supply drops with the player tracker :slightly_smiling_face: