Survival Games Suggestions from a "New-Old" Player

Hi there everyone! Let me start by introducing myself (as this is my first forum post here). I’ve played Minecraft for many years, and have always been aware of The Hive but never really checked it out. However, I recently found my way to the Survival Games on the Bedrock edition and I must say I’m impressed. Few versions of SG nowadays have a strong player-base without relying on over-powered kits or other wacko stuff. Well done!

That said, I do have a few quick recommendations, so here we gooooooo…

#1.) Increase in Chest Item Variation.

  • Lessen the frequency of chain gear just a bit. Full chain isn’t that difficult to get…its not all that uncommon to get 3/4 of a full chain set from just one (tier 1?) chest.
  • Include gold armor! There is a whole armor level in between leather and chain that you are neglecting! This would work in tandem with rarer chain armor to create a little more armor variation in the first half of the game.
  • Cobwebs and snowballs are great! I love that you are encouraging creativity in player’s PvP styles, but push it further. Some suggestions of mine are TNT blocks that auto-ignite when placed, wolf spawn eggs that spawn a dog that fights for you, and ender-pearls.

#2.) Make the Tier 2 (Silver) Chests Actually Worth It.

  • My understanding of the Tier 2 chest is that it pretty much is the same as a Tier 1, but with a slight chance that the gear might be diamond. Make the chest undoubtedly better. (would be easier if chain armor was made rarer and more items were added…refer to point #1).

#3.) In-Lobby Leaderboards

  • In my experience, nothing motivates you to play more than to look at the leaders and see how far you have to go. Add a holographic leaderboard to the game lobby that advertises the top 10 or so players based on wins.

#4.) Ability to Change one’s XP Level to Something Else

  • Basically just give players the option to change the XP level indicator next to their name-tag by cycling through 4 states…XP Level, Kills, Wins, or None (BONUS: players can set this to help avoid targeting…I would know because I target players that I see with high XP levels lol)
    EDIT: @anon7895885 made a good point about the tags. To avoid confusion, they should specify what player stat they are showing, such as…
  • [Level: 30] Nyr1n (standard XP level)
  • [Kills: 500] Nyr1n
  • [Wins: 50] Nyr1n
  • Nyr1n (None)

That’s all I got right now. Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

I agree with almost all of them ! Especially auto ignite tnt, gold armor, leaderboards, and tier 2 chests nerf. Great suggestions ! It would make the game even more cool ! (I voted)


Not gonna lie these are actually some really good ideas. The slight chance to find some higher-tier armor in level 2 chests would really give the game some variety, as well as gold armor.

Ender-pearls were originally in the game the day Patch 1 was released. But I think they removed them, because nobody’s ever found one since. I hope they bring them back, because they really add some variety to the game, and that’s what it needs right now.

In-Lobby leaderboards would also be nice, so you wouldn’t have to check how far you are every 10 seconds. I hope they add your own personal score under your stats just like in Murder Mystery or Treasure Wars.

The fourth idea is one that I don’t agree with all that much. Changing what normally shows as your XP level to something else could get confusing. Maybe it could say K:115 for if you have 115 wins? Idk. But I do agree that hiding your level is a good idea. I’m currently level 23 and there’s almost always someone chasing after me from mid.


I like some ideas, but not others. I’ve seen instant explode tnt in Minecraft Monday and it looks pretty lame. I love the idea of showing stats next to my name, great for weird flexing, but the thing is people might just run away unless you have it off like you suggested.