Survival Games Quest Bug

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or global):
Service: Quests in Survival Games that have to do with the new update recently.
Map: All SG Maps
Region: North America

What is the bug?
I was playing Survival Games with an active quest, “Use 4 launchpads (20 QP).” Every time I used a launchpad, however, the quest progress still says 0/4.
Before I played a particular game and after I played a particular game, I checked my statistics for how many launchpads I used.
My stats said 6 before I played the game and 12 after I played the game. However, my quest progress still said 0/4.
Even though I have posted about quest progress not updating properly many times, I am posting this specific issue here because I realize launchpads were just added to survival games, and I feel like there may be some initial bugs with quests that have to do with new features since the update came out recently.

Device(s) & Version
I play on an unofficial Minecraft Bedrock launcher for Linux, and my current version is 1.16.201.

Screenshots and/or video:
Unfortunately, I do not have any screenshots and/or videos for this bug.

Hey there :wave:

This issue has been fixed :slightly_smiling_face:

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