Survival Games Cs Glitch

Affected Service (Survival Games):
What was affected - please include the region, and the name of the map if applicable

What is the bug?
Hi, so, I wanted to say, that I found a new glitch, it happens only in Survival Games cs’.
The glitch is, when we start the cs, nothing happens, we still stay in the cs lobby. Please Hive fix this glitch I can’t even do a manhunt with my friends.

Thanks for reading, hope you understand, and have a good day.

Hey there :wave:

Has anyone else experienced this issue?


i never had this issue

im the the bugles/glitches god haha joke anyways

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Hi. Yes, me, and some of my friends, have experienced this issue, when we start with the server controls, it doesn’t works, but if we wait for the timer to start, it does.

I found a new glitch, sometimes the survival games cs glitches and everyones freezes, for everyone who is in the cs