Supporting more Languages

Add More Languages

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I live in an Arabian Country Not Arabian tho

I’ve got lots of friends there, They don’t really know English all what they know is hi, play, And Minecraft. So when they play Hive they can’t understand a single word.

So my suggestion is adding more languages like Arabic, and other languages

I would Love to help

I think Minecraft itself would have to make different languages. If it is the Hive, then I think your right. If the MC or Hive (which ever doesnt have different languages) doesn’t have multiple languages, then I suggest trying to find a mod or something to translate. (if it is allowed)

I am not pretty sure,but I think the hive has something to do with it

MC has support for different languages, but text on the hive has to be translated by the hive team. Only stuff that is in vanilla mc is automatically translated


Im Chinese,my friends also poor at english ,so they always choose the server have Chinese


You literally just bumped a post that said the same thing but from 18 months earlier

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