Support Emotes In Replay Cinema

Allow Replay Cinema to show any emotes that were done during the game

I didn’t see a single suggestion under Replay Cinema that mentioned this idea so I thought I’d make it because I’ve been wanting this since Replay Cinema first launched. If you don’t know, you can emote by pressing “B” for keyboard players. These emotes however, are not displayed in a replay if you go back and watch it. Currently, your player will just stand still for the duration of the emote in Replay Cinema as if you never emoted during the game. Please make it so that you can see a character from a game emoting when you watch it in Replay Cinema. I thought about a reason why The Hive wouldn’t implement/support this and I seriously couldn’t think of anything besides “they just don’t want to” so I’ll say it again, please support this feature.

I mean, there’s no downsides to this. Might as well vote it.

I just hope that this isn’t “impossible to add.”