Sumo Gamemode for Hive

Sumo: Fist fighting on a (autobridger) platform while wearing armor so neither of you take damage.
Sumo in hive is annoying to create. You need to create a custom server, buy a decent amount of autobridgers, and place them down to make a huge platform. Instead of this, why not add sumo as a gamemode? Or a sub gamemode for Treasure Wars. The sumo gamemode could be like Hypixel sumo; a decently sized platform where you knock the opponent off. The Hive is good with creating builds, so Hive could definitely build a good sumo platform.

This would be a good addition because (1) It will bring back a lot of old sumo players. Most sumo players I know either quit or stopped playing sumo because there was no reason. There was no way to level up in a sumo custom server. Adding a sumo gamemode will give a reason to sumo; to level up, get new hub titles, and most importantly, win. (2) Hive sumos aren’t fun. You’re just hitting the other opponent for 20 minutes straight. If Hive sumo was added as a gamemode (on a small platform), it would be more fun because you can actually win (hitting them off the edge), and everyone likes winning, right?

Extra ideas:
Sumo winstreak leaderboard
Sumo wins leaderboard
Sumo win % rate leaderboard

Overall, this would be a good competitive (and non competitive at the same time) gamemode to add to hive. Hive sumo has also been around for years, so why not implement it as a gamemode?


duplicate suggestion, though well thought out.

sumo will be added with swarms, i believe, thought not anytime soon.

For now just make a cs and do it there

Hello! Thank you for the suggestion, like someone else has mentioned this has already been suggested. Feel free to vote for the original if you haven’t already ^-^

Duplicate suggestion