Sumo Game for the Hive!

A new sumo minigame for the hive

More information:

basically maps would have a designed background, that is unreachable, and there would be a 20 x 20 square in the middle. all players would be given nothing and they have to knock each other off by only punching. there would be a 1v1 mode, 5 player ffa, and a 12 player ffa. matches would be a best of 5 and a best of 15 in 12 player.he player 2 win more rounds would win. if it is impossible for a player to win, they would be eliminated. at the end of the game the player with the most wins would win the whole game.

unlockables could include trails

So basically like a SG death match, but with no weapons or armor


Pc players with auto click would be good at this so I vote no

Although I would like a sumo mode, it has alot of logistical issues, like have fun with the antikb kid in 12 person ffa, and since pvp servers like this have, to put it lightly, alot of cheating that covers the whole spectrum. The hive would need 10 times the staff and I’m not really exaggerating that.

So tldr I’d like it but Hive isn’t set up for it


There are cheaters in everygame, i vote yes

Because you use it all the time right?

my man
he plays on xbox

get good, that’s all
or just continue being a noob and hackusating people

  1. I don’t leaderboard
  2. I play on Xbox
  3. just get good ok

I was about to criticize someone else… but now that I think about it I have other plans
If a person is on mobile, they literally can tap on me if I’m anywhere on the screen, so while I’m strafing I still get combo’d off the map. Probably the main issue I’d have.


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Thank you for the suggestion,

This is my opinion on it.
20x20 square would be really annoying, probably Pe android players will not play it.
Hive is not a practice server, what you are suggesting is for a practice server, don’t get me wrong but a sumo FFA wouldn’t really be liked on Hive in my opinion because Hive is more of minigames/gamemodes (like skywars/ parkour/buiding etc.)

This is all, have a nice day :slight_smile:


Yes I can abuse my 50 ping and butterfly click by head off

In tw
Bruh 20 chars

A lot of players do this in Treasure Wars games already (when in a party of 8) and with the introduction of Swarms private matches in the coming months you’d be able to do this in a much smaller party.


Mhm you’re right Dan