[Suggestion] New DeathRun Update

Today I am not speaking on the behalf of me, but on the behalf of the entire DeathRun community.

DeathRun urgently needs an update. While the Hive is focusing on the main games like Treasure Wars, Murder Mystery, and the upcoming Survival Games — quality games like DeathRun are being rejected. There are people out there who are mindlessly grinding DeathRun and are getting sick of it because of no motivation (no new levels, no new maps, no new cosmetics, no new features). The Hive’s Java network currently has 40 maps, while their Bedrock network only has 9. I know that their Bedrock network is newer, but it gets frustrating to constantly repeat the same maps over and over again. World records are constantly being worked at, and people who are already at max level are gaining loads of unmodified XP and have no other levels to work towards.

I know that updating games and adding new games take time, but it’s been months since DR has gotten a major update besides a new map here and there. The same goes for HnS, many people show love for it, but it’s not getting much love in return. When survival games get added in the future, people who normally play Treasure Wars will have another game to grind while the DeathRun community is feeling left out.

DeathRun players that have 10K+ wins need a new motivation to work towards, such as new levels, new cosmetics, new maps. Here’s a list of what a new update could include.

  • Ability to turn other players invisible
  • New levels (to 50 or 100)
  • New maps
  • New cosmetics
  • A world record leaderboard (exculding speedrun.com)
  • An anti-cheat system (like @SirUntouchable mentioned)

Sincerely, the DeathRun community:

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Also huge thanks to pohszy and Misaelel31 for helping out with this post :heart:


^ , we really need a DeathRun update! I’m a TW player but I like this game a lot as well. Even though I’m still level 15 I would like an update and more maps!


Legit all I play at this point is tw and mm and yet even I can agree dr deserves an update


I personally have 8k+ wins and I’ve been playing this game for months now. I’m now starting to get tired of grinding this game and theres no new levels and cosmetics for me to continue playing this game everyday. Give this forum post tons of support so that the developers can see how much support there is for a new major update for Deathrun.


Yeah, agree! Deathrun is underrated and deathrun has less players than other games!


Welcome to the fourms @Misaelel31 :tada: :tada:

I love death run, even though I don’t play it as much, its a great game. An update could bring in new or old players when they see that there’s a new deathrun update. And hey, it could get me into it as well.


The thing is I don’t know what they would add to it, just new levels and cosmetics would not really be a real update, we need to have things like player transparency or inisibility and fix bugs like the checkpoint not registering.

PS: Why am I not part of the deathrun community…


We all love DR,but we don’t like playing the same maps over and over.We need new maps,so we don’t get tired of it.


I love DR myself, and do heavily agree. But with the limitations of Bedrock/MCPE it would be sort of hard to do all of that. The Hive also tries to make it ‘easier?’ for players on Mobile to where they can play without much issues. Now the Anti-cheat system will be super hard to do as mentioned in a few other recent post. The Anti-Cheat system will be hard due to the limitations of MCPE. Modified clients for Bedrock are WAY, different then Java edition. And people always, and I mean always, tend to find a loop(s) around it.

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Yes. It is so easy to get level 20. I got it in a few days, and to be honest, I haven’t played it in months.


I used to grind deathrun so much back then, now I have resorted to MM. I hope that there will be an update for it, soon. Definitely will get me grinding again!


Yup I agree it’s getting repetitive playing the same maps over and over and I really want new levels since I have been level 20 for ages


if they boost the level to 100, then everyone would want 100 so they can be known, so I guess 50 is good


I’m jealous of Java DR,but I can’t buy Minecraft Java

Java facilities

  • Invisible players
  • More maps
  • 3 strafes (need a long time to recharge xd)
  • Longer (Just like Riviera, wr is 1:37)

I don’t like long maps and I don’t want any more…

I always go for fast maps like school, cave and prison