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To show Win Streaks and leaderboards (top 10).

More information:

I like to try and get win streaks during games however the hive doesn’t show your win streaks so while streaming people can’t tell whether I am lying or not so when on a large win streak do not believe me. Also, the leaderboards would give me an idea of how good or bad I am compared to others.

You can view the leader boards here!

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However it doesn’t show win streaks :frowning:

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NeutronicMC has a tool for tracking winstreaks, although their servers are limited.

I do kinda want winstreaks, but you can also track them yourself with a bit more effort if you are interested enough.

Although it does I’ve had win-streaks before and these do not show up using this. says N/A for both current and record
also i personally struggle to remember my wins streaks but even when i do this can’t be proven and then be made up e.g. I’ve currently got a 100 win streak yet no-one can check to see whether im lying or not

I mean when I search your stats, you have a ~43% win ratio and 56 wins on the month, so you are nowhere near having a 100 winstreak rn, so not sure where that miscalculation came from

ik that was a bad example but do i or do i not have a 7 win streak

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Yeah I must have misunderstood, I have no way of knowing if you have a 7 win streak, I think they should add win streaks into the api for sure

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