Suggestion : Hide and Seek

So hide and seek game is quiet a fun.But I have found that whenever I am the seeker it’s very difficult to find hiders without any clues imo. So I suggest that there should be a new feature where the seeker has a indicator on the right hand side of screen as “Hot,Warm and cold” so basically when a hider is around it gets warm and when the hider is far away it gets cold,so the seeker gets some idea where the hider is. Also it may be a disadvantage for hiders so hiders also get a power-up where after surviving for 1 minutes they get power-up after using which they will not be shown on seeker’s indicator for 30 seconds.So that was my suggestion,let me know what are your thoughts on that.

Hey! Loving the idea! :wave:
I agree that it would make it would make finding hiders much easier for seekers (especially to the new comers to the game)!

However, I do feel that it might get a bit too overpowering as the taunt feature is still a feature that does the same thing but instead it would activated by the hiders. It can also be an advantage for the both hider and seeker. If we were to make this a feature I feel that the first time it used must have a cooldown of 1-2 minutes. It should not be overused as it would be very unfair.

Another thing to take into account is who will the tracker detect. I feel like the nearest hider should be detected so that the seeker does not get too confused with the other hiders that may be to the surroundings. Whilst moving, if the tracker does detect a closer hider than the previous one it was detecting, it should change its target.

One last possible feature is that the tracker would be given to the last 1-2 mins of the game to the seekers to make the game a bit more interesting and give them a chance. However, I am debating on whether this will be too over powerful (if there were more seekers to hiders it would be very unfair).

But, I am looking forward to seeing what others think! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, in my opinion, I don’t really like this. The game isn’t very hard to find people - You just need to learn the map and/or look out for anything out of place.

I won’t be voting on this one unfortunately.


Yes I don’t mean to exactly use my idea but something to the seeker’s use would be very appreciated.

The Idea is ok but probably would be slightly overpowered…The seekers I feel have a decent chance of winning as long as you aren’t taking too long just hitting random blocks etc. I feel as though being the seeker doesn’t favor new players. As they don’t know the maps as well as others who’ve been playing for much longer which makes it harder to win (as a seeker). Adding something like this may help those who don’t remember the maps as well but will make it so it’s near impossible for the hiders to win. (I also think this is like the tracker in SG just with hot, cold, etc.) All in all, if you’ve been playing for a decent amount of time on Hide & Seek it’s fairly easy to see what’s fake and real (in terms of finding players) which provides a fair advantage for the Seekers to win.

Good idea but it seems balanced the way it is currently :grin:

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