Suggestion for a new game mode


I was wondering if Death-Run players want to hear a suggestion about a game mode similar to the basic concept of Death-Run.
• Race
Given a name, “Bee Race”, this game mode requires one to have control over bee that they are on and collect coins(the coins are on the ground just like murder mystery) which make your bee stronger faster and less vulnerable to traps, as well as killing other bees and passing the finish line first.

I would appreciate to hear your opinions,
have a nice day/night! :blush:

Sorry if I put this into the wrong category I am new here.

Thanks for the suggestion! However I feel this is just too similar to deathrun for the hive to really add it, not sure if I’d like it or not, but thats what I think, and others might have different opinions


I’d rather have Sir’s time trials idea(3 leaps, no leap cooldown, no deaths) than this


Thank you! I really appreciate your opinion and I may know why you think it’s like Death-Run, I didn’t explained what the game mode should have more detaily, however I will explain it to you.
You spawn on a bee that you need to feed up with coins or honey in order for your bee to wake up and start flying, then you collect the coins that you see on the ground to become faster.

I hope you understand this better now.:blush:

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Hello! Welcome to the forums! Your game idea sounds very interesting. Would there be checkpoints and stuff like Deathrun? And Deaths too which control the traps? I don’t know if the Hive Team will implement this though as it is very similar to Deathrun. Maybe if it gets enough votes then they might consider it. But I guess it would be cool to have another game like Deathrun. Have a great day! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the great welcoming, I was just wondering if that would be a great idea since Hive is related to bees.

And yes there will be checkpoints and other people trying to stop you finishing the line first/second or third.

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