Suggestion about stopping using the word "kill", to be more friendly

I mean like one of the hives games is called murder mystery


That sounds significantly worse than “Murder Mystery” lol



and no its not a good idea


welp this has 0 votes

I mean, there’s a reason why

Alright let’s name stuff in case this actually gets added

  • Treasure Defeats
  • Defeat Mystery
  • Snow Fights
  • Defeat Run

sarcasm btw


Me and the boys on our way to play treasure defeats LUL


up for a td game? gonna go defeat some people

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defeat em with kindness

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Block trapping only, nobody takes damage they just like walk around the void


Trapping? Excuse me? You mean unintentionally causing a misstep from the other team, right? :innocent:


Maaaan :sweat_smile: Have a little more imagination ! :yum:

  • Treasure Hunters
  • Attack on the Detective Club
  • Snowball Fight
  • Heroic Runners

Well, I read all the posts. What I can say in a nutshell, moreover to Cyclosword who said in Discord and I quote : Someone on the forums is genuinely suggesting the removal of the word “kill” from the Hive Minigames, it’s so dumb, Legit no one cares about the word “kill” : if I made a poll, it’s not randomly. I had an idea, so I made a suggestion thread, and a poll, to see how this is going, together.

After, even if I’m still kinda hem… too serious ? I can guess that some people joke and have good humor (Ryan, really liked the “sarcasm btw”, excellent :smile:), and I love to see this ! Really. After you know, up to each one of us, until then well, I made a poll, we can see the results, let’s continue on the road shall we.

Thanks to everyone to have take time to answer the question, no matter the feeling about it :+1:

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I think the reality of it is that no matter what you want to do with the name, you’re never getting around the fact that there’s a PvP element in all these games, and changing the name to remove any death references wouldn’t make it any less so. Minecraft in general is already very child-friendly, especially Hive and other featured servers thanks to Microsoft.

Outside of that, you’ve got to consider that everyone you’re asking here is not the target audience for those changes, and its effect would be to make the game feel more juvenile for most of the users here.


Still, the word “kill” will not be implemented because Minecraft not rated “E for Everyone”, yet, “Everyone 10 and Up”. Plus, Java Edition also uses the word “kill”.


guys lets throw flowers at each other to eliminate.

hol up that would actually be a fun game


Minecraft is a game rated for 13+ as well as the hive I believe. So the word shouldn’t be offensive to anyone. And if they use any other words instead of “kill” just for the sake of the younger players, it would just confuse them at start. “Kill” has a meaning and is quite direct.


I don’t think anyone here is taking this thread seriously, so here’s a poll

Are you taking this seriously?

  • No
  • Yes
  • I need a psychiatrist
  • treasure defeats
  • k*ll
  • Option 6

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Guys… :sweat_smile:



You made the suggestion. What did you expect?