Suggestion about stopping using the word "kill", to be more friendly


Maybe the word “kill” is something we see daily routine on servers ; however, it’s still a word quite brutal and negative for multiplayer, moreover to go along with the words “friendship” and “together”, in my opinion. Plus the targets of the minigames are quite not the same, because of the nature of the minigames themselves. My suggestion would be simply to change this, that would allow refreshing and relax the atmosphere, moreover for action and suspensful minigames, according to the targetted audience and style of gameplay for each minigame.

More information:

  • For Hide & Seek, instead of “Player A kills Player B”, maybe “Player A found Player B”
  • For Death Run, instead of “You died !”, maybe “You got hit !”
  • For Snow Wars, instead of “Player A killed Player B”, maybe “Player A hit Player B”
  • For Murder Mystery, instead of “You died…”, maybe “Oops…” or “Bad luck…” (for the innocents) or “You got caught !” (for the assassin, that could be “hunter”) ;
  • For Treasure Wars, instead of “You killed Player A” and “Killed by Player B”, maybe “You defeated Player A” and “Defeated by Player B” ;
  • For Survival, not much we could change due to the theme, moreover with the personalisation of the verb offered to the players. But this could avoid all kill theme, like “demolished” or “annihilated” could be avoided. Words like “Ctrl-Alt-Del” and “back to hub” are more soft and still original.

I insert a poll in case of :+1:

  • The word “kill” should change.
  • The word “kill” should change… or not, idk really.
  • The word “kill” should stay.

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Make a poll. Personally I don’t feel censoring that extremely is necessary, but my parents also disapproved of words like “kill” when I was younger. I doubt the poll will go in favour of this change.


Thanks for the poll idea, I’ll add it :+1:

I don’t think this is bad, but it’s really that unnecessary to censoring “Kill” because it needs to represent how somebody died in some point.


I like where you’re getting at for the post don’t get me wrong but its been a thing since the dawn of Minecraft and life. Honestly I see no issue with the word, lots of people use it everyday when it comes to gaming and I believe there should be no reason to change it.


I don’t think people would get upset because it said “you got killed by Player2” in the chat…


Only I do not suggest for TW (because defeat means lose the game), Deathrun has got “Death” and for the game’s goal is to escape from the death. Survival games is okay, like new phrases for dead people like “Player A fell in The Hell because Player B pushed it”, “A shark cuted off Player A (when someone drowns)” and many more…

I mean I think just saying kill is the best way to go with things, if someone says “I’m going to kill you irl” then report them, if someone says they’ll commit suicide irl in chat or something than please put a hotline in chat and report it asap. I think as long as it is in a ingame context, the word kill is absolutely fine.
Also those in your reply are significantly worse phrases than killed, so idk what your saying


Minecraft is not an “E for Everyone” rated game. That said, the word “kill” should stay.


I seriously doubt anyone is actually offended by the phrase “kill”


I mean like one of the hives games is called murder mystery


That sounds significantly worse than “Murder Mystery” lol



and no its not a good idea


welp this has 0 votes

I mean, there’s a reason why

Alright let’s name stuff in case this actually gets added

  • Treasure Defeats
  • Defeat Mystery
  • Snow Fights
  • Defeat Run

sarcasm btw


Me and the boys on our way to play treasure defeats LUL


up for a td game? gonna go defeat some people

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defeat em with kindness

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Block trapping only, nobody takes damage they just like walk around the void


Trapping? Excuse me? You mean unintentionally causing a misstep from the other team, right? :innocent: