Suggester Role

Make a Suggester Role.

Detailed Information:
This role is for people who get at least 1 suggestion that has been added in game.
Color can be §d(light purple).

Additional Information: (optional if decide to add this suggestion)
Make a suggester channel at discord server for the features that has been added in game with the suggester.

TNT in TW - <@user>

I don’t think this would work well as it would be confusing to new players and don’t see a need to show it. But that is just my opinion.

You’re right, too. But at least people who are able to get the role isn’t the same level as normal player, just like Hive + or Helper

yeah i dont think this is necessary, and why would this role get an advantage?

and a role for every single suggestion is a bit too far

Yea, just for the suggestion that has been accepted and added in the game. For an example: this suggestion has added in the game, then I’ll get the suggester role

in the discord server or ingame?

Main are ingame, but if they want or they could, they can add them in discord too!

This would cause people to spam suggestions just for the hub title.

But yea, they won’t get the role except their suggestion are useful. The reason for I suggest this is can courage more people upload their idea for hive so hive could get more popularity and also for more new features!

Most suggestions wouldn’t make Hive be more popular but would mainly benefit existing players

While this may be good this would also cause more duplicates to be made, more poor ideas/ ideas that the Hive doesn’t plan to add, and as Toast said would make the forums have a spam of suggestion.


yeah this isnt useful

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Yes you’re right too but if you’re a creator, you’ll still have a day that you’ll don’t have ideas for “your” server so that’s why need more suggestion, and yea, dupes will happens more, but there’s still have new ideas and maybe, they’re useful