Stuff in pre-game lobby

You can put text about the game in the pre-game lobby, for example, for TW, in chat it says something along the lines of your treasure grants you infinite respawns. Instead, you can put it in the pre-game lobby along with your stats. Also, with the number of players migrating to bedrock you can put the difference between Bedrock and Java.

Hello KiddingStream5, :slight_smile: ,
Welcome to the forums! Make sure you head over here to view the forum rules! You have a very interesting idea. However, I don’t understand why this would be more helpful or informative than the chat message before the game. The reason why is that not everyone looks at the stats before a match, whereas the chat is a good way to ensure it’s in everyone’s view. Likewise, I don’t understand why it would be helpful to describe the difference between Java and Bedrock as people most people in the lobbies will already know their way around. Those who don’t understand something can ask questions here or on the Discord server. Don’t forget to vote for your own suggestion! :slight_smile:

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Can you please break long speeches into paragraphs? It’s easier to read and understand.

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I apologize for the apparent pain my text has caused your eyes :joy: . In all seriousness, I’ll keep that in mind for the future. I definitely would have if it were much longer and thought there was a good place to break it up… It was all pretty much about the same idea so paragraph breaks seemed awkward to me. Let’s keep the conversation on topic though :wink:

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Since the Hive Java server shut down, many people are coming to the Hive Bedrock server. Also, content creators like RKY have made content on the hive which led to more people from Java trying out Bedrock. I think a change like this won’t take much effort and many people have chat hidden or don’t have access to discord. I know this will sound corny but like small acts of kindness could mean the world to some people. What I’m trying to say is small changes like this will draw more people to the server.

I understand the goal behind your suggestion, I just don’t believe the most effective way of reaching people would be through messages displayed like stats. Perhaps a welcome message for java players could be a mailbot thing… that way everyone is more inclined to see it. However, I really don’t think these things are necessary given the knowledge most players have and the availability of information. Just my opinion though! :wink: