Structure Void in Just Build

Harmless and simple suggestion
Structure Void in Just Build
It could just sit in your inventory once the theme is selected

What it does

It acts like a full block (meaning glass, walls, fences, bars, etc will attach to it) but is invisible and can be walked through

A simple description could be added for lesser experienced builders/players
It can be used to make cool designs with walls and to make builds look more clean
If you have any ideas to add to this that I think are good I will add them and credit you
I don’t see any negatives to this but you never know ig

Knowing what Structure void is
  • I know what it does and need no further explanation
  • I kinda know what it does
  • I don’t know what it does and I need further explanation
  • Other

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Could be useful for building helicopter ladders and other things. Voted


Yeah, I think it makes sense to be added, especially for the helicopter (as said by bro). I’m voting for it, however I can see how some people might be confused by the partially transparent texture


Bump to encourage further discussion.

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ohno doubel post
another bump
also if anyone makes/is making something that uses structure void in a visual way that would apply to just build then dm me to use it as an example (I’d give credit of course)
I would do it but frankly I don’t want to at the moment

mods should add this to #suggestions:accepted-ideas

yeah thats an alright idea, their not necesarily needed as concrete powder/sand etc dont fall and water dont flow but, I dont see why not so, heres a vote

i love the idea would be realy great to have this

well now the forums are just suggestions so might as well bump this
30 votes woo