Stop Murderers Queuing out of games in Murder Mystery

Arent so many of us tired that when you go into a game it lasts either a few seconds because the murderer instantly leaves or does nothing the entire game? Well i think i thought of a solution. With the recent release of Arcade and Bridge Solos. If you requeue on a game in solos you are warned for it and eventually banned temporarily from that gamemode. So what if Murder Mystery had that aswell? If youre murderer and you reqeue too many times you risk being banned from playing murder mystery temporarily. This would do alot to fix the problem with so many people who requeue as most of them are players who grind the game.

Another idea maybe? is to set more frequent reminders for murderers to kill players (for the younger players of hive if theyre not fully understanding) and of course if murderers dont do anything we can always report for game prolonging.

i think this would fix a somewhat big issue for whats happening in murder mystery as its been rising for quite a while now.


I personally wouldn’t consider it a “big issue” as you can simply join another game and Murder Mystery does not have Skill-Based Matchmaking. Most murderers requeue as they do not like being the murderer or do not want to play on a specific map, but in The Bridge players mainly requeue as they are queued against a skilled / high-leveled opponent. :man_shrugging:

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like @Rechenheft said, this isn’t necessarily a “big issue” and i rarely run into this problem when i play murder mystery. also it’s fine if they reque a lot so they can grind and they might not want to be murderer.

its annoying when u get 5 games where they reque in a row BUT i’d rather a win than a loss so idk. I do think that if the murderer doesn’t kill within like 3 minutes then they should get highlighted or kicked tho

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Lets be honest for a second. We gotta keep in mind that the murderer could be someone who is new to the gamemode or just doesnt know what to do in general. Personally I wouldn’t leave as the murderer as the role gives a lot of XP if you play correctly.

If the murderer does nothing. Make the most of the opportunity and get the XP while you can c:

I don’t see an issue with people leaving the game as murderer. Its them who’s giving up the opportunity to have a decent role.

However this should happen with people who are innocents and keep leaving if they are not the murderer or sheriff as that does tend to be a major XP loss for murderers because they are desperate for the roles(s)

Murder Mystery is a game of patience.

Lets be honest. If you have my luck, you’re probably going to have the murderer role only once or twice per hour of playing. So like I mentioned above, it would be a loss for them leaving.

I agree with the idea of reminding the murder (if they dont kill for %time%) that their objective is to kill players.

Final Notes

Overall, I can say this is a mild suggestions. As Rechenheft said, I neither would consider this a “Big Issue”.

Small Reminder: You can also vote for your own suggestion

Murderer is by far the worst role, its more stressful and also harder than all the other roles except for on office where its free as heck. I always rq as murderer nowadays.

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Everything I say is just an opinion. But as murderer I know what to do as Ive played a lot of murder mystery in large maps in like 2017 so… adds up to knowing what im doing lmao?


Coming from a user who has played the mode for over 2 years, I think i can safely say punishing a player for leaving as the murderer, wouldnt make the best impact on players feelings about the game. I would rather add a kick for the murderers who dont kill a single player in a specified time, (ex: 1 minute) as I have seen it and it gets pretty annoying for us all when we want to have fun or a challenge. Not to mention I myself leave lobbies as the murderer lots of times, would feel unfair to be punished for it. Have a nice night/day <3


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I dont think this would make a big impact, I understand why your frustrated though.

Also, I’m a player for bad internet and don’t want to get punished for disconnecting mid round. :frowning:

A stragity I found when playing the game to hunt out the murder is by searching for afk players or searching for players that seem to be Mobil or super bad at the game.

as a mobile player I take offense to you saying u can find “mobile” players by finding the noobs

otherwise lol i agree with ur point for the most part, getting punished for a dc would be very annoying

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There are lots of mobile players who are extremely good at the game like me
please don’t insult mobile players, we are alr kinda underrated in the community

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Sorry @FawnBongo51045, i did not mean to insult you :frowning_face:

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