Starter Rank!

Starter rank would be a rank for people that just started playing

Perks: 2 free 1 hour xp boosters, a free costume, a free hub title and avatar, Orange name

If you buy Hive+ you still keep the starter rank cosmetics, But you also get all of the Hive+ perks too

Starter rank would be a cool addition so new players get some free things to have a better time before they get Hive+ or anything else!

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This is actually a really good Idea, but I think it should be one boost instead of 2.
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While there isn’t a specific rank, you are able to claim one free booster and the free Hip Hop costume bundle from the Hive store. I understand the idea of a rank, but I feel it may leave new players feeling singled-out just for being new, and could possibly lead to them getting targeted by more experienced players. :blobheart:


I do see this… And I was thinking of Hip Hop but i was thinking of a different costume then Hip Hop, and its also why i said 2 xp boosters instead of 1

i can see , hackers having night crow and flying in game XD.

not wrong

*when the nons come to an agreement*

Ah yes free ranks

No other server has a starter rank (as far as I know) and I would say that the generic one should stay. Also Hive doesn’t have plans for adding any new ranks.

isnt starter rank just not having a rank??

Yes pretty much that is why it is pointless

well yes, but you get some free stuff to start out