Squid game

I think it would be cool if the hive could add squid game as the ltm game

It’s probably an idea everyone would love.

Squid came could include all 6 games and for copyright reasons you could call it fish game.

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‘Fish game’ title isn’t really related to the Hive also, there may be more legalities then just the name but I don’t know.

Squid game as a concept of playing different games was similar to Sonic game, but there are differences. Overall I really like this suggest though this will take a while to develop as Hive is focusing on other things so would not be a priority on their list.


Bee Games. Or something dumb.
Isn’t squid game literally Splatoon: the series?

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yes is a good idea. since hallowen is close :jack_o_lantern:


:jack_o_lantern: hallowwen :sparkles:


This is a different squid game.

Ehh, the Hive likes original or a twist to games and this feels like ripping of a film just because it is doing well. No offense but personally I don’t like this idea.


very well! :sparkles:

Squid game is a show that has NSFW and NSFL content and I don’t think that would fit well considering most of Hive’s user base is mainly kids that are either 12 or below

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SG was originally named as Hunger Games but changed it to avoid copyright iirc

maybe Hive might also need to put a twist to the games so its not straight up copying the show (eg. SG has the cows that give u loot, a tracker etc)

Instead of dying you get put in a glass tube to spectate, or you can make the game more difficult.


so mixed arcade with another name


no. just no


ive never watched it, what do you do?

compete in childhood games except if you lose you die


So it’s 3rd grade PE?

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So Is this just a bunch of mini games but if you fail you are emliminated? I think it would be annoying and frustrating if I failed the first challenge and then get out for the rest of the game and have to que into a new game immediately. Not a huge fan

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Basically fall guys

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Great idea, but I think this is… Bee Game

No not all of the games are. Have you watched it?