Sponsership or advertising

I was thinking that the hive could have wit we’re if you sponsee them they while sponsee you in game chat for like 2 hours
You’d have to have like 1.k followers or subs to sponser the hive

I have 935 followers so I mean I guess I can’t be talking :joy:

I think this would clog up chat but if you want it you should vote for your own suggestion!

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You do have a point I’m not sure how to make it less clogged maybe you can bump it to me 10k what do you think?

i dont think this is a good idea, as it could easily be abused and would spam chat


I agree, this would just clog the main chat and it would be really unnecessary to adviertise you tubers while playing on the hive


There is a reason why the self promotion channel in the hive discord exists. . .