Spectating mode in CS?

Operators should be able to go into spectator mode with /spectate.
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You should also be able to go out of spectate mode after going in. A way to make other cs participants that aren’t operator should be an option too. This was originally going to be an option for operators to fly, but it will trigger the anticheat. Spectating won’t trigger the anticheat as it is already a hive feature in games where you get eliminated.

Please add more ideas of yours and upvote other’s ideas. I will quote ideas by other people up here if others like their idea.

Thank you for the point, @YourMateVoid. Anyone got solutions for this?

but if they’re in a fight, they can just /spectate to survive if they’re losing


Maybe you can’t use it wen you take damage.
You should have to wait like 10 - 15 seconds after taking damage to use it.