Spectate ability


Let players spectate any game easily

More information:

Players can type /spectate [game] and then they are sent into a running game to watch. For example, if I were to type /spectate sky, I would be sent into a skywars game to watch.

How is this different to Replay cinema?

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I think it’s different because this are running games that are happening live, and they don’t specifically have to be from a friend’s or yours. If you are really bored you could just watch a game that is happening, but I don’t see the point of this.
Also another problem is the max player count in games. The hive would need to make this servers bigger so a decent amount of people fit in the server, both spectators and players.

Sorry, but I don’t see the point in this

Yessss this could also be used to spot hackers to report

(Probably add a point system example: 1 hacker = 10 point and theres a shop to trade those points)

I like @GusDuz6 idea, but I’m confused by what @Richie2286 means. Can you explain more?

I think what he means is if you join a random match to spectate and there is a hacker ndd you report him you could get 10 quest points (i dont think this is possible for hive to implement properly but im just explaing it better)

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If you get it on reporting this will probably lead to mass false reports to get quest points. I don’t see how they could implement with the current report system as it is on discord. Maybe when in game reporting is added that could be a possibility, but reports aren’t public.

Maybe you could remove quest points for reporting wrongly and gain them for reporting right. This reminds me of Hypixel Atlas so I don’t think Hive would implement this either way.

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Yeah thats what i thought too

I don’t mean to go off on a tangent, but why are we doing this for quest points, might I ask? Quest Points outside the game modes aren’t very common, and not a lot of people even go through the effort of doing them.

Also, this would just create even more work for the moderators, and since they’re just volunteers I don’t think they would really be up to have another task to do along with all the reports they get daily


Cup was asking what he ment here and i just explained it we dont need to discuss it further because its a bad idea no offence

but you can do this by dying in a game tho. This Idea is useless

Did you even read the suggestion?

OP is suggesting to be able to spectate a random game by typing /spectate, and you’re going off on a tangent about how you can die in a game when

A - That’s not even a workaround

B - You lose a game and impact your stats:

C - You’re watching people in only your game (unless you join from a friend list)

Please reread the whole suggestion buddy, because you obviously don’t understand what it means.

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