Specifying Death Run Changes That Should Happen!

Death Run Levels

[Death Run needs more levels, I reached Level 40 in Death Run in approximately 4 days. Most of the time XP would make you move up levels but winning on Death Run isn’t so hard as you think, Games go for less than 1-2 minutes if You go for a perfect time, but still less than 5 minutes. It’s the most shortest game to ever win on the Hive, Murder Mystery should not be level 100, Death Run should. this means new locker things, new cosmetics and so on. ]

4 days? Wow… that’s amazing… The hive is currently working on creating new levels for every game I think.

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Welcome to the forums :beedance:
The hive is already planning for every game to have Level 100
No need to make a suggestion on this
Mod can close this subject

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I would just like to mention that we currently don’t have anything planned on that. We surely be updating games but nothing about them (update, levels or what will be coming) has been specified so let’s avoid spreading any rumors :grin:


Make Sure To Vote for your own Suggestion Next time :blush:

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It more considered than planning but you get my point


I just said currently we don’t have it planned :slight_smile:

It can cause confusion that’s why I said that

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That might be one of the reason why this myth started tbh
But thanks WoozieE for clearing up this confusion
( I hope this doesn’t sound sarcastic, because it really not XD )

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