Special Gamemode Variants On Customs

I was thinking yesterday and I thought a good idea would be special variants of gamemodes for custom servers
Some I thought of were:
An Among Us like version of Murder Mystery
Another murder mystery mode where everyone is a Sherrif or a murderer except one person. They have to figure the person out and kill them or else they loose.
A Murder Mystery Battle Royal where everyone has is sherrif or murderer
I know it seems like just murder mystery but I genuinely forgot the other ones
But there should be mode to select for like
Homeless SG
Skywars and Treasure Wars Manhunts

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You can already do such settings in custom servers to make the gamemodes like the variants you mentioned, you can increase and decrease the sheriff or murderer amount, you can enable more op chests in sg, you can give yourself half a heart in Skywars, hence you can play death tag also.
And manhunts are also possible. I hope this resolves your concern.

No I already knew this I was just saying like maybe a separate list with options for these

Maybe they can add this.
You may recategorize your post to #suggestions using the pencil :pencil2: icon so that people can vote on it!

I think they’re planning on adding presets, so you can make your favourite game types a preset and then just select it from a menu whenever you make a cs.

having everyone but one person be the murderer is hilarious. All you would have to do is see whos not holding their sword up, and kill them.

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Well yeah but it would still be fun cause they could kill each other

The murders could kill…eAcH oTheR :sunglasses: sign me up :joy:

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