Spanish LA | Custom Server

Affected Language:
Spanish (Latin America)

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or menu):

Affected Text:
Administrar las configuraciones predeterminad…
Configuraciones predeterminadas destacadas…
Cargar la configuración predeterminada con un código…
Guardar la configuración predeterminada…
Configuraciones predeterminadas recientes…
Configuraciones predeterminadas guardadas…

Suggested Text:
Administrar los preajustes
Preajustes destacados
Cargar preajuste con un código
Guardar preajuste
Preajustes recientes
Preajustes guardados

Explanation of Issue:
As you can see, the text is too long for menus, so we can shrink it and instead of calling it “configuraccion predeterminada” (preset) to preajuste that means basically the same.

Screenshots and/or video:

Thanks for submitting suggested changes for our translations, and for your patience whilst we got around to your submission!

Our translators have approved these suggestions, and they will soon be implemented into the game. I have also gone ahead and changed the Spanish (Mexican) word for preset to ‘preajuste’ across the server.

Thank you for contributing to the improvement of our translations! :translations: