Sonic 2 Event 2022

As you guys know Sonic 2 is coming 2022 april so I wanted another Sonic event in 2022

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This may be possible however Hive would need to do another partnership with Sega to be allowed to do this event.


NOOOOO not another LTM


does this mean rtx sonic costumes but no sonic , knuckles , and tails?

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The new sonicovie is comeing out and i would like to have a knuckles skin, also the last sonic update i didnt k ow it was a LTM untillbit was over and i didnt get anything

You could get a knuckles skin by maxing out the sonic game mode

I need Sonic w event. Because I need this.I am Bangladeshi player on hive

the event might happen however probably wont for the reason Cy3rSpace said, sorry.