Some More CS Features Which Could Be Added to Hive!

CS Features To add…

  1. When Said ‘Custom Server’ Lets Keep the Setting to Change the Number Of Items You Can Buy…
    For Example. Golden Apple- People Can only buy 10. So for Custom server keep a setting to increase or decrease it… (TREASURE WARS)

  2. Also Keep A Setting that can Increase or Decreasing the timing for the breaking of the Crumbling Cobble Stone… (SKYWARS)

  3. Also Add A setting to Remove A specific Item From THe Game SHop… Currently, u can enable/disable Armour, BLocks, Special, Tools Weopons… DO Something to Enable/Disable Item in these categories like I want to allow people to buy enderpearls and other special items except of snowballs… like thatt… (TREASURE WARS)

Thats it tell ur suggestions. in the comment section.


any more suggestions?

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Only have one suggestion per post. (That’s my suggestion.)


what a suggestion… :joy:

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