Some ideas I have!

I have some things to ask or propose! I love block party so Much! I watched the java version many years ago and so glad y’all added it here!
For one, I feel there should be a limit on how many power ups people get, bc it’s always just me vs someone with like 6 teleportation things and I feel it’s just too op?
Another thing is I hope there’s new maps coming soon, especially ones with like one block of the colour, or more intricate maps!
The last thing is, this is just for me personally, but I hope you can take it into consideration!
When you get top 3, it shows at the end of the game, but when you join new game you can see your stats, maybe there can be a stat showing how many top 3’s you’ve had, or “placings” how it used to be called on the old one!
And if everyone dies on the same one, they should all win-
Keep up the good work
~ ManticGarlic

Welome to the forums!

This sounds cool, but the real thing I think is to reduce the spawn chances of Color Teleporter.
I think it can be cool if only one or two powerups spawn every round. So the luck won’t play such an important role.

This has been mentioned in the previous suggestions, you can check them out.

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