Snow Wars Level 8 Hub title Stay Frosty! isn't appearing in my titles list!

Affected Service (Snow Wars, Hub title menu):

What is the bug?
The level 8 hub title Stay Frosty is unlocked but it hasn’t appeared in my hub titles list. I just got level 8 and it said that I have unlocked the hub title but alas it hasn’t showed up. Thanks for any help that I get in advance!! :smiley:
Device(s) & Version
What platform do you play on (Win10) MC version 1.16.200

Screenshots and/or video:

Hey there :wave:

Thank you for submitting a bug report.

The underlying problem causing this issue has been fixed, and players who reach level 8 from now on will receive the hub title.

We will need to manually give out the hub title to those that haven’t received it, we’ll get this done soon, you don’t need to contact us about it🙂


Hey there :wave:

If you play a round of SnowWars, you will now be given the title :slightly_smiling_face: