"Snack Ninja" (HIVE COSTUME)

Hi guys!
Made a cool ninja costume. (BTW the thing on his back is a pizza!)

You are probably wondering, “Emotes?” well those are emotes that can be used in chat when this pack is bought! Just another fun little reward for buying a costume!
Example: For buying “Fineapple” you can get the sunglasses emoji and a pineapple emoji!



This is really good!!

Not in the chat, emotes should be like before.
Maybe it will come back one day…

Good job! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


emotes in chat would look a lotttt better

Basic Minecraft emotes were disabled on The Hive. So I think they don’t want emotes in the chat. But I agree.

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what font did u use for the image? Its the one hive uses but can’t seem to know which one it is

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its good but add more geometry to the ninja then resend this but actually really good!!!

it is called remissis bold, but it costs alot of money, but the regular font is free. i used the regular font then put a shape stroke around it

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Ok tbh, I seriously think ranchy should be a hive 3D artist lmao :joy:

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Maybe make the Hub Title “Snack Attack!”


Yeah because their isn’t a pineapple in the picture lol.

(20 character bypass)