Small qol change for spawnprot

So this is a pretty small suggestion, but I was playing tw against someone, destroyed their treasure and then they respawned and got a sword out of their ender chest (which is obviously fine), however due to the fact they had spawnprot, they more or less got a free hit on me, and won the fight.

So my simple suggestion to change this is to simply make it so if a player obtains a sword, they would lose spawn protection. Pretty niche thing, but as people here probably know the first few hits of a fight basically determine it, and the fact someone can get a free hit like that seems a bit unfair.

If you have another opinion on this, just let me know lol

I agree. It’s annoying when you are at 2 hearts in 4s and the treasure is open but you lose your treasure because you can’t hit them.

If the hive doesn’t care enough to address this issue then maybe you can try covering the ender chest with blocks. It might not stop them completely depending on what type of block you have but it’ll slow them down.

I remember watching gamerboy80s video where he played with the number one hive bedwars player and that’s the strat they used.


you shouldve just went in a corner and waited…

Nice suggestion! :smile:

nice idea ig

It’s kinda of a good idea, but you can kill them when they get the sword in the inventory which won’t give them a opportunity because since they have it you can kill them before they can get out of the chest screen.

I agree. They get the first hit for free and only then can you start fighting back. Its pretty annoying. Take my vote

There’s gonna be ways to abuse this for sure if it gets added, like throwing a sword at their spawnpoint so you can kill them faster. Otherwise, great idea.


LOL this happened to me. this Steve killed me and when I respawned I got a sword and 1 hit him after he got my treasure

but isn’t that against the rules? Like when you’re not giving someone a chance eg blocking the shopkeeper, ender chest, generators etc

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I don’t see anything on the support page about it, am I missing something?

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Great Idea. I also have something else in mind similar to your suggestion:

Once your opponent’s treasure is broken, the next time the player respawns, his spawn protection will be removed.

or or or your suggestion:

Swords, Bows, Projectiles,Gapples,Tools and other deadly weapons - Once transferred in your inventory after respawn, shall trigger the Spawn Protection to be removed.