Small improvements for HnS

So there will be three suggestions I will be making for hide and seek that will benefit us players

Give Seekers a hit cooldown

This is mainly because if you were in a corner and hiding, a seeker could just be spamming their left click and accidentally hit you, since the kb quite high, if you were to get hit once you wont be able to escape and you will easily get 3 tapped.

My idea is to add a hit cooldown, this will make the seekers have to time their hits instead if constantly spamming. I’d say a 2 or 3 second cooldown per hit would be advised.

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 10.10.16 PM

Give seekers more xp

The fact that being a seeker and winning is kinda hard doesnt make it very appealing to players if you were to get the seeker role, it takes ages and the reward isn’t that huge for the effort you put in, say I get 15 kills.

15 x 20 = 300xp and if you win you’ll get 50xp, I doubt anyone would get 15 kills consistently in total you get 350 xp

however if you were a seeker and got 105 xp for taunts, 75xp for the 5 min they survive and the 200 xp for winning, that’ll give you 380 xp. Hiding is quite simple as you just need to find a spot and keep using taunts. I currently use a Strat that consistently gives me 105 points and 10 seconds to spare incase I mess up slightly.

compare that to a seeker, you dont win as often as a hider and if u were to get 15 kills, you’d still get less xp then a hider.

I believe the winning should be more like 80 - 90 xp and killing a hider should be 30 xp instead. If we redo the calculation…

90 xp for winning + 15 kills x 30xp =450xp for 15 kills. In total you will get 540 xp.

Use custom items to show type of blocks hiders are hiding as

currently, after a few minutes as seeker, you will get an amount of blocks showing what kind of block the hider is hiding as. Although I like this feature, quite a few seekers use the blocks to glitch up to you instead of doing the parkour you did to get up to the spot. Although its bannable, I have come up with a solution. Instead of using blocks to indicate what the hider is hiding as, why not use custom items? We’ve seen custom items before like during the Christmas hunt where you had to get custom items and bring it back to the Santa npc. We can change the blocks into custom items so that seekers can’t glitch up to us


just hide in a spot where you won’t get found?

also there is already a type of hit cool down, u get 20 hits then u have to wait


1.I kinda agree with you on giving the seeker more of a cooldown but instead of the cooldown being everytime you hit a hider it’d be a one second cooldown after hitting a Hiding hider, if they’re visible then no cooldown because most people probably wouldn’t like that very much as it’d make killing hiders way more annoying.
2.The point of getting killed and becoming a seeker is to give hiders another chance to earn a small amount of xp, not too much because then everyone would just wanna be seeks and grind on that team so i feel the current xp is fairly balanced.
3.I 100% Agree with giving seekers custom implacable versions of the blocks to show what blocks are left as this would resolve seekers glitching out of the map aswell as seekers glitching to hiding spots that require skill to get to.(You should just make this a suggestion as i feel it would get tons of votes)

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Oh Yea! How do people get found by police when being chased? “Just hide in a spot where you wont get found” After all its just as simple right?

isn’t that what people do tho? they hide from the police and change their identity and stay on the run.

also, hide and seek in MINECRAFT is far different from RUNNING FROM THE POLICE. your analogy wasn’t good

For one

Uni is right

I hide in spots where I don’t get found

It’s HIDE and seek smh

For two

I mean, if irl was like minecraft, then maybe your comparison would be semi correct, but, irl, if the police can’t find a dude, they are gonna pull out Literally everything they can and find you, and not like there is a time limit, like in minecraft hns, among many other things but I’m tryna do a thing today so I’m gonna stop ranting


You don’t know how hard I laughed at this…


idk how my small improvements suggestion turned into comparing police finding criminals irl and minecraft hide and seek