Small error in hive staff roster post

In the post you can see that it says that mods and helpers have yellow and blue name tags, but since this post was made that was changed so now the names show up as grey.

I suggest to change it to be Moderators can be recognised by a yellow symbol on our forums. Helpers have a blue symbol on our forums

Idk if this belongs in bug reports or not

Maybe they just copied that form their Discord Server, because that’s what it’s like on there.


(I just used GimmiGoose as an example because I already had a picture)

Still, it should be changed!

The text refers to our staff having colored nametags in-game, and colored tags on the forums.

That said, I see where the confusion has spawned from here, and will make it clearer.

In future, please contact a staff member privately regarding these things :+1: