Slimerush game mode

The gamemode will be called SlimeRush, and it’s a basic racing game with a twist: you have to jump to go anywhere. Clearly, you would be riding a slime.
NAQ (not asked questions)
What unlocks would there be?
Different colours/types of slimes, including the tropical and the Caldron from Earth and Dungeons
Different “slime rider” helmets
Different Slime saddles.

What hazards would there be?
Water. Like deathrun, your slime dissolves/shrinks in water, so you’d go back to the last checkpoint.

How many players a match?
Highest is 12, I’d say, lowest could be 6

What maps could there be?
There could be Sewer, Castle, Space and School (not DR school map, another one)

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

hmmmm idk about this. Seems like a cool idea tho.

Rlly does seem like a cool concept but could it be pulled off I hope it actually does

If you mean it’s a race but with slimes I could possibly see this coming to something like Mixed Arcade. This would most likely not make it as its own game though. Cool idea none the less :+1:

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Alternatively, they could be a mount, and acts like how I put it earlier.

Hang on
Forgot the /queue or /q
Anyway, it would be /queue RUSH