Slime block as a jump pad

My idea is to have a slime block to work as a jump pad and send you 6blocks up to the sky (works like tnt) but as all of you say hive wants to be creative, slime block as a jump pad could work?

The use of this is when you rush a base and you can only use it once.

Kinda made this suggestion so I can see your opinions on this :slight_smile: .

I feel like this would be used more for traps than its actual purpose

I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing, people should be allowed to be creative with what they are offered


It’s perfectly fine if you think this is a bad suggestions, I have learned to take criticism :slight_smile:


I like this, would make TW more unique (idk if it’s in other servers too sooo)


What’s the point though? I’m honestly a little curious

I actually really like this. I can think of a few different ideas on how to use this. Upvoted.

aaaaaaa people scare me

For example getting out of a 2v1 or 3v1, jumping to get faster on an island and break the treasures, it will be used like tnt in bedwars but without the explosion if you know what i mean

Unfortunately I don’t think this will be added but thank you very much for the positive comments :stuck_out_tongue:

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So this topic is kinda dead?

nah it’s the topic kinda eh not active

I do like this idea, but I feel like the hive can add a special item every 1-2 weeks. I have seen popular servers such at the Hypixel Network do this. Another idea is to add a LTM but I do think my first idea was more relevant.


Yes yes yes, I think they should.

Now I would implement Slime blocks as a place able item for five emeralds and would bounce you like Nelly said “6blocks up”. I think that price is pretty balanced and players can’t just spam them to make an advance block jump method. This would add new tactics such as when your on a bridge are up against another player with better gear and need to escape.
Now for slow blocks (they don’t have to be called that, maybe ultra intense gravity blocks? jk), Slow blocks can be obtained by paying the shopkeeper 5 emeralds, slow blocks can slow down a player and stop them from jumping, this is honey. It would be good for traps and would break slower than usual vanilla Honey (that’s a new ice cream), with a fist it would take 1.5 seconds to break and gradually faster depending on the tool. you could get 3 slow blocks for the 5 emeralds.

Jump pads:
Price=5 emeralds for one bounce pad
Advantages=New tactics
Balance= good
Break time with hand: 1 second

Slow block;
Price: 5 emeralds for 3 slow blocks
Advantages= New traps, also I’d like them to have knockback resistance 1
Balance= Better than Knockback resistance 2 in my opinion.
Break time with hand: 1.5 seconds.

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And also make it like the block gets destroyed after u use it

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I’m reading this and I like the idea a lot. Something along these lines would be very cool, perhaps this could be an item such as a firework instead which launches you (X) amount of blocks. Upvote from me.

yeh, would stop it from being to op, might lower the price then though, hmm.

see that you guys like it but I don’t think it will get considered cus 14votes is low for an idea to be implemented

Even if a suggestion has a huge number of votes, that doesn’t mean it has a huge chance of being added.

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