Skywars Spellbooks

Idea: This is a megapost for some of the spellbooks I think should be added. Leave your suggestions if I missed any.

More information: The spellbooks are a pretty good addition to the game and fun to use the first two times but I can’t help but notice that they’re underwhelming most of the time or just underused (aside from the life book). My suggestion is to add more options for what spells you can get. For the most part they are usually potion effects but there is the fire trail one so there can definitely be others.

My suggestions go as follows;

  1. Fire Resistance Spell
  2. Poison Bomb Spell (basically splash potion of poison but also has a boombox form so eh)
  3. Strength Spell
  4. Summon Fiery Axe Spell (gives you a diamond axe with fire aspect for x amount of seconds)
  5. Freeze Spell (Slows everyone near you except you, some eh reason as poison though)
  6. Summon Familiar (Gives the player a dog for x amount of seconds)
  7. Spell of Levitation (Shulker levitation for x amount of seconds, also gives the feather falling boots a purpose)
  8. Summon Golem (Gives the player a iron golem or snow golem for 10 seconds but you don’t get to choose what rng bby)

Hey, when making a suggestion post, try to only make one suggestion per post. If you have more than one suggestion, separate them out into their own posts. :smiley:

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I don’t think this is really multiple suggestions. It’s a general suggestion for multiple spellbooks. :+1:



replace fire trail book with fire res book, because fire trail can end up killing u


The only useful one for me right now is the life spell, since the swiftness just causes me to run off bridges and the firetrail one always set’s me on fire. More spells would be nice.


Makes 15 different topics in 5 minutes

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I like speed. I use it for pvp


speed is useful when you want to mess up ur opponents aim- you speed and circle strafe around them


Honestly, I agree that spellbooks really change up how skywars is played and they are a unique spin for Hive. I’ll break down this reply into two sections being 1. the ones you suggested that I think would work well and 2. the ones you suggested that I think would be unbalanced for gameplay.

Ideas I like:

  1. Fire Resistance Spell - This would be an amazing addon
  2. Poison / Freeze Bomb Spell - I think this should be changed into a ‘boombox spell’ that has a random chance of spawning 1 of the boom boxes to give it a variety.
  3. Summon Familiar (Gives the player a dog for x amount of seconds) - Love this idea, however, I think it would need a somewhat small number of seconds… Maybe 15-30 if it auto-attacked nearby people.

Ideas I dislike:

  1. Strength Spell - Strength can do a lot of damage with basic weapons, and since there a swords that do a ton of damage already, I think this would unbalance the game to whoever gets this.
  2. Summon Fiery Axe Spell - This is too strong. Right now, you can only get fire aspect from wooden swords which helps lower the amount of damage you can do (unless you dual-wield it)… However, with this idea you’d get fire aspect and a diamond axe which could kill someone rather quickly.
  3. Spell of Levitation - This would cause a lot of newer players to be confused and they may think someone is cheating and that would cause a lot of false reports + the overall affect could amplify camping which makes the game run on forever.
  4. Summon Golem - Golems can do a ton of damage… This is similar to the dog one, but dogs can be killed quicker and do less damage where as golems take a while to kill depending on your weapon.

I look forward to seeing how others feel about spellbooks and your ideas alone. :slightly_smiling_face:


I still have flash backs of my survival world when I accidentally hit a villager and the iron golem killed me in 2 hits while I had prot 4 on :neutral_face:
Needless to say, this would be op


How is that possible? I kill iron golems and i only have dia armor no prot…ummmm

I wish we could have a Thorns spell book which make players take damage for attacking you. (Basically like the enchantment).

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why don’t you summon chickens instead of Golem by throwing eggs?
(no damage but small knockback, for disturbing the tochka, to make the timing of breach.)