SkyWars Map Ideas

This is a list of maps that I think have the potential to be great for Hive SkyWars! I will list the name and give a brief description of what each map will be like.


  • Badlands: A map that resembles the badlands biome, but also has an abandoned feel to it.
  • Windville: This map has a windmill on every island and a really big tower at mid. It also utilizes spruce wood alot.
  • Mushroom: This map is similar to the Treasure Wars map “Mushroom” however it has a more murky and dirty feel to it.


  • Deserted: This resembles a desert-like map. Its similar to Bazaar, but isn’t nearly as big.
  • Frozen: This is an ice-themed map. Similar to Igloo in Treasure Wars, but ice is only on the overhangs.
  • Flower Garden: This is a bright and vibrant map filled with lots of plants and flower-like buildings.
  • Stronghold: This map uses a more grayish block-pallet to resemble the stronghokd structures in Minecraft. It uses other blocks to make it feel more unique as well.


  • Snowstorm: This map is similar to Frozen, but it lacks the ice and uses more brown and wood-like blocks.
  • Chaparral: A dry map with some grass and trees, but mostly brownish blocks like dirt.
  • Paradise: A vibrant map that uses a white block-pallet with lush, green grass.
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This is a really put-together post! Maybe you could try getting this to team nectar, cause i feel like alot of these would be really fun to build :smiley:


Although these maps might not get added, I like the vision. I could see hive adding the ice map tho. Im also tired of the old rotation. And most times people choose spellbrook(quads) which makes the game so boring.
I hope hive sees this :heart_eyes:


these are all super good ideas! try to get team nectar to see these, I agree.


I have an idea too but i dunno whether it goes in solos,duos,trios or squads
Its a city style map
The starting islands are like suburban houses and mid is a city like thing and the ender chests and chests can be in buildings and the mystery chest will be in the middle!
Thats my idea for a skywars map
and the name could by cityscape or something
edit:the idea is bad try not to consider it

So… like Tesla from TW?

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idk about you, but maybe cityscape would be a better comparison

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what? I wasnt even talking to you when I said that. if you want my opinion, this sounds like a terrible map for sw. pvp in buildings is just really bad, even the building on monastery is too closed in imo.

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oh… ok then yeah the idea kinda lame ngl

i mean they could make the bulding wider or seperate desks or whatever they add in them
edit:the idea is still trash

or remove them altogether

I mean, without largely changing the original idea, the buildings would still be much smaller than the building on monastery(which often interferes with gameplay). And without the buildings, its not really a city lol.

maybe make the building bigger?

I mean, that could work, but a big enough building would be the same size as the rest of the center island, so everything would have to be expanded, which slows down gameplay(most players enjoy faster gameplay)

hmmm true,true maybe a bit less buildings?

even just one building that is large enough would be the size of the normal center island.

yeah maybe like five or six medium size buildings?

the issue is that the medium sized buildings would be somewhere between the very center of violet keep(ignoring the halls), and the middle building of wild wood, if not smaller than either of them. both of those buildings are fairly annoying to fight in, especially if you like to use bows or snowballs.

i have an idea what about a city map like aegis(from hypixel(

  1. Nerd wasn’t talking to you when he said cityscape
  2. Hive likes to be original
  3. copyright
  4. how would you mix in ores lol??