Skywars kits/perks

I have played hive for a lot time now and I am lv 32 and lv 75 on tw and sky and one thing I would like to see is kits and perks on skywars this will stop people for cleaning witch btw is the worst way to die and I think this would help the game a lot and also bring a lot of diffident play styles and other ways to win instead of just rushing sharp 2 and full diamond. In my opinion this could make the game more fun and exiting not knowing what will happen and I have always wanted something like this and as someone who grinds and plays hours a day over and over I have talked to some people like XoRazzor and other players that are less known but have a good opinion and all agree this would help Skywars.


Hi there, welcome to the Fourms!! This is a duplicate suggestion. Please use the search bar before creating a topic. Please let us know if you have any questions. Enjoy your stay!

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ok thanks i did not see that

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Your welcome! :slight_smile: @mods, this probably can be closed