Skywars Kits games not counting for monthly leaderboards

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Leaderboardr of skywars

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Playing skywars kits doesnt count for the skywars leaderboard/stats. I have played over 100+ games this month at least, yet on the monthly leaderboard it says i have only played 20. I played a game of regular skywars to test this and after i finished the game my number of games went from 20 to 21, meaning that regular skywars does count, whereas for skywars kits it doesnt. No matter how many games of skywars kits I play, my number of games played/ games won stays the same.

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I play on Win10, on the version 1.19.51

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This is not an issue as the base stats for each game are saved separately, as shown in the pre-game lobby, so there’s no leader board for Sky kits and Sky kits games don’t contribute to the Skywars leader board.

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