Skywars Insane Mode

A challenging mode for skywars!

More Info:
Each player gets a random ammount of kills to get. If you get too many kills, their currently worn armor/weapon get removed. If they get too little, they have a challenge next game they play (Based off of how many kills they got this game)
If you got 0 kills, no challenge. If you got all the kills, 2 challenges for you.
Some ideas are No pvp, no swords, no spellcasting, no middle chests, no teamates, no projectiles (maybe exception of pearls, those arent used to throw someone off a ledge cause… yeah.), no building, no boom boxes.
Thats my idea! I tried it in trios the other day, and its pretty easy tbh! As long as you have good enough skills, you can definiteily with the game. I punched someone with a pickaxe for no weapon.

Hey there! This should be in #suggestions:skywars .

oh i didnt see that category! sorry :sweat_smile: fixed it