Skywars Gimmick Hubtitles/Avatars

The lucky ore gimmick items are funny to get but otherwise unrewarding and in the bling boots case even completely useless, so my suggestion is for there to be a hub title and/or avatar for doing certain things with the gimmick items such as “win a game with the bling boots” and “kill a player with knockback nemo.” If you wanted to expand on this, have something like “Hub Title: win a game with the bling boots/ Avatar: win a game with the money flag, money vehicle, and bling boots,” along with something similar for knockback nemo and any other gimmick items I may not know of.

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That would be like adding achievements to the server and every game which I don’t know if hive would want to do that or not.

Things like that could be interesting. Although this could probably be more interesting as a quest rather than a dedicated achievement, since things would get a little more messy than needed, and gives more value.


I like this but it feels like it should be a thing for quest points.

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