Skywars fish

Remove the skywars nemo

I think the knokback nemo maybe should be removed

Cus it is like to OP if i get Someone und a 10 combo and someone is hiting me once im falling of in the void an this is unfair and nowone needs skill to do this move.

I get your frustration with the nemo but it actually can be useful most times in certain situations. There are also several ways you could counter it such as digging holes in the ground, jumping in a hole if there is one, and you could block yourself up or around you.


Exatly but it is way to unfair and it is Like nerly Impossible to kill someone who has it and its like non skill based and makes someone nerly win a rund

you can use snowballs to knock them off the edge or get them in a combo, go somewhere that is enclosed or away from an edge, or force them to use a weapon by standing by a wall.

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Yes i can but it is realy Hard cus they only Need tho Hit me as once and they can be void Walker to and that is more than anoying plus can like every idiot kill an lvl 75 whit that Strategy. And i Need a lot of snowballs what i dont allways have.

nemos makes chasing impossible and skywars is basically all chasing. However, u this makes it easier for bad players to win so :person_shrugging:

Yes but much harder For Pros

pros can avoid the knb, they can strategize against the nemo players and maybe even use it against the enemy.

im nowhere near pro, but i can go fight a nemo player and win/tie most of the time.

Me to but the Problem is that it is like 2% Chance to get this and like i am geting it like newer. plus is it very uncool to get someone in a 10times combo and He Needs to Hit me once and im dead plus there are only low lvl guys using them and high lvl like 20 lvl guys for them it is more then anoying. :confused:

Me and a bunch of people have told you how to avoid it. In the nicest way possible: this seems like a skill issue

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Anyway, I don’t see this suggestion getting approved, so just take our advice on ways to counter it and you should be fine.

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no the nemo is to iconic to remove it