Skywars Boom Box avatar

This avatar would be rewarded to people who get 72 kills from boom boxes, either from knocking them off, to just blowing them up.

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Yes, I did get the Tnt texture and removed the tnt from it, and then I made the creeper face png and stuck in on there

I’d like this as a texture, not so sure about avatar though.

Oh, that’d be a good idea too

Don’t quote me on this but I think the hive makes avatars by actually drawing it instead of using Minecraft blocks, mobs and items to make the avatars stuff like that. But good idea! If you could maybe make it more cartoonish like this avatar from the hive as an example


This one is for getting to lvl 71 in Treasure Wars


Yeah, but I still think that maybe there should be more minecraft related avatars, such as a creeper as one, I mean, it is Minecraft, but good point, I’ll try to make a more cartoonish version of the one I recently made.

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