Skywars and More Wacky Ideas!

Bling Boots
-Special Particle after you put the bling boots on (can be changeable) via the lvl up system)
-Will give a Jump Boost Effect when put on

Emerald Crown (Helmet dyed green)
-Has Something known as, Enchanted Aid. (Gives opponent Weakness and Blindness for a bit)

SG stuffs
-Jump Pads and Speed Boosts (Like in some racing games)
-Spell of Invisibility?
-Quick Sand? (Slows down People)

When Mixed Arcade Comes out (I think)
-One in The Beenest! (One in The Quiver but more hive style)
This Game will take place in the sky. (like a classic skywars map but smaller and with more holes to fall in) In the centre there will be a area spitting out blocks (honey) like a generator in Treasure Wars. Players will fist battle it out. Until a player gets a goal of 20 pieces of Honey! (Can be anything in place of the honeycomb item)

-Flower Finding
A colour if flower will be mentioned and players must find that specific colour of flower in time. (Example: Red! (Players will find the red flower(s) (will be multiple of them) before times runs out)

-Controllers and Pests
Controllers [atleast 3 players] : Have to hunt down every single pest (They will have a tracker and Diamond Sword [no armour]
Pests: Run and (Hide) from the Controllers. (They will have a wooden sword [no armour]
If the Controllers kill eliminate all pests then they will win
If Pests manage to survive, they win.

(That’s all!)

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