Skyroyale kits

I know, I know. This seems pretty strange. I mean skyroyale is a LTM, and has been gone since August. But, this could be a LTM that releases with it.
Here is the suggestion:
Skyroyale kits
If there is Skywars kits, then why not have skyroyale kits? It could be very fun to play with kits on a map that is blowing up.
So, with that said, here are some kit ideas I have for it:(btw this suggestion is for the addition of skyroyale kits, the kit ideas are just ideas for it)

Keep the void walker kit, but make it so that you respawn at mid.
I mean the void walker kit is one of the most loved kits, so it needs an appearance here.

The bird
2 spells of leap,
Feather falling 2 boots
Gain a leap feather every kill
With so many tiny islands you need maneuverability, so this could be very useful.

I will add more kit ideas, I only have a couple rn
Also this is my 100th topic! (94th idea)
Anyway, thanks for reading, and please leave feedback

Void walker spawn at outer rim that is still existing in the row that they had spawned in (like if they bridged one island to mid) but only if the outer rim hasnt got less than 20 secs before detonation


SkyRoyale was removed because it didn’t get enough attention. While I agree it could bring a positive spin to it and attract more players, I think it would quickly die out.


Well it WAS a LTM so it was going to get removed cus of its limited edtion-nessssss


theres way too many gamemodes for sw atm we don’t need more

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Then why bump it to disagree?

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I didn’t realize this was from 21 days ago lol

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Ah ok. That Makes sense