SKY WARS SNOW LAYER FIX (Christmas 2020+ Upcoming)

I haven’t played much Sky-wars in the Christmas update… but from the 50-100 games I’ve played of solos, duos, trios/squads I can say that SNOW needs fixing. Everyone is doing snow layer traps, and it’s irritable. To combat this, I suggest that the ‘snow layers’ are reduced in each map, and changed to ‘snow blocks’.

An example:

In the map Ice Pillars, change ‘MOST’ of the snow layer blocks to snow blocks. To avoid the annoying traps. :slight_smile:

This can be fixed for the Christmas 2020 update, and any upcoming ones too!

i doubt they would change this until after christmas time. ig just be careful

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NO, snow layers are only used for traps and if they are changed into blocks then half the traps will be undoable, so NONONO no removing snow layers, snow layers are like the main ingredients for most traps…for people who wanna just say something back I never told that snow layers were part of every trap ok pls don’t hate on me


Just get better at avoiding them, instead of just removing something that’s not even an issue


seriously, trapping in SW is a hell to do, try getting used to the fact that these are used as traps.

Just don’t fall for the trap :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: it’s only your fault that you got caught slacking

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Nah I snow trapped yesterday and I got 3 people in one game

2 on the other team

And one of my teammates he was noob

This is a good trap and it’s ez to not die in k bye

just git good at avoiding traps

nah dont take trapping material away from trappers