Sky Wars more item mode

I suggest to add to Sky Wars more item mode.

More information:
Sky Wars more item mode is literally Sky Wars with added items.

What item do you want to add? :thinking:

  1. Boombox in other games such as Fire boombox
  2. Starting items in Sky Wars Kits
  3. Block breaker

I think adding these item will make this game more strategic and fun and messy.

Hello there :wave: welcome to the forum!
u can vote on ur own suggestions.
also, part of your suggestion is duplicate. BF suggesting u have to search for keywords to make sure ur suggestion isnt a duplicate.
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oh, I’m sorry :sneezing_face:
I couldn’t be found same topic.
Should I remove this topic?

This topic doesn’t really relate to that so I think it’s fine as this is saying a new mode to be added with extra items while that is just asking for it to be added

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so he doesn’t want Hive to add items to an existing mode, he wants it to add items to a new mode. I had skipped over the reading. my apologies… ごめんなさい。。

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