Sky Royale maps

So whilst I understand SR is an LTM, I do we could get more maps for it.
I’ve come up with a few ideas.
Though not necessary for the maps I feel like they should have special power weapons exclusive to each map, these would give the maps more variety than just asthmatics. For example if you do best with the laser you may pick cyberpunk, however if you prefer the black hole boom box you may prefer Solar. These items could be added to the standard SW if players really like playing with them.

• Cyber Punk
This map would be similar to cyberspace but much larger so it feels like a cyber punk city. The power weapon in Cyber punk would be a laser.
• Pantheon
This map would be inspired by Olympus from Greek Mythology. The mystery box would sit on a throne in the center. The power weapon would be a trident.
• Savannah
Savannah would be a Savannah plains with the central island being a mountain. The power weapons would be the gust boom box that knocks nearby players away and the llama pal that spits poison and defends its owner. The llama can only go where the permet goes so it isn’t over powered.
• Solar
Solar would be a solar system with planets and moons that has a black hole boom box that destroys nearby boxes and does damage to nearby players.

I hope the community and staff like this idea as it would benefit Sky Royale.